Sachin Dev Burman


Kumar Sachin Dev Burman needs no introduction. Popularly known as SD Burman or Dada Burman to his fans and admirers, this composer is an enigma that refuses to either fade or wither away even three decades after his death. He lives on through his seminal work for some of the greatest classics of Indian Cinema like Guide , Bandini, Pyaasa, Sujata and Abhimaan. He also lives on through his pioneering work as a folk and light classical singer in Bengal. With a career spanning almost forty years and genres ranging from folk to classical, light non-film to film music, SD Burman has left an indelible mark on the musical firmament of the sub-continent.

Starting out as a folk and classical singer in the twenties in Calcutta, Burman gradually came to be appreciated for his distinctive and evolved presentation of both folk and classical songs. He experimented with fusing the two forms to create memorable songs for the Bangla audience. In the forties he migrated to Bombay and made his debut under the banner of Filmistan. His first success was with Do Bhai's mera sundar sapna beet gaya. A couple of years later he formed a successful team with Guru Dutt and Dev Anand with Baazi and later Bimal Roy with Sujata and Bandini. A very choosy composer, SD Burman worked only with the cream of the directors of Indian cinema and produced some of the finest work for Hindi films.

Centenary Year

SD Burman was born on 1st October 1906. The year 2006 is the year of his birth centenary. Hundred years after his birth, SD Burman's music still thrives. His popularity amongst film music fans and folk music fans has to waned with time. We are here today to celebrate that same timeless spirit in Burmanda's work that makes the spirit soar.

Tribute Program

Today's evening titled Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai, named after a very popular song in Guide is dedicated to bring alive the rich spirit behind SD Burman's music. We will explore various facets of Sachinda's music through different mediums: music, dance, audio visuals and personal reminiscences. The musical show will explore the richness and diversity of Burmanda's oeuvre showcased through the prism of the Navrasas or nine rasas. Ras or rasa is a concept central to the subcontinent's aesthetic code. In a nutshell the ras concept states that each artistic creation - music, dance or drama and, in a descending scale of influence, poetry, sculpture and the visual arts - are coloured by and mirror the nine rasas. The pervasiveness of these rasas and the gamut of emotions in Burmanda's music is theme for the evening.

Our Performers

Indraneel Mukherjee

The musical evening will be conducted by Indraneel Mukherjee who derives streams of musical inspiration from his Guru, the ultimate Indian Cine Music Maestro Shri Anil Biswas. The repertoire Indraneel represents runs into thousands of songs by eternal greats Rafi, Hemant, Mukesh, Kishore, Talat, Manna De amongst others. He has twenty albums in circulation and is an exponent of many a musical form devotional, semi classical, regional Bengali, Hindi and Urdu Poetry, Geet and Ghazal which he has composed on many an album. He runs the Vintage Heritage Music Institute through which he hopes to revive interest in the music of the past. He also owns the audio studio named after Maestro Anil Biswas. Indraneel has shared stage with Manna Dey, Ghulaam Ali, Jagjit Singh, Hema Malini, Dilip Kumar, Udit Narayan, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Nitin Mukesh and several others in his long stint in music!

Music Maestros

Members of the Music Troupe " THE MUSIC MAESTROS " perform with Indraneel and have accompanied him for over the past couple of decades wherein they have also performed for many legendary stalwarts like Anil Biswas, Salil Choudhury, Meena Kapoor, Manna Dey, Ghulam Ali and a few singers of today like Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Usha Uthup, Udit Narayan, Nitin Mukesh, Anup Jalota and Manhar Udhas etc.

Chaitali Haldar

Chaitali Haldar is an accomplished Kathak dancer and has been learning the art since many years. Having performed at various platforms with great success, Chaitali will present us with her delightful choreography on the Guide gem 'Piya Tose Naina Laage Re'.

Arundhati Prasad

Arundhati Prasad is our youngest performer for the evening. Only ten years old, she is a student of both Hindustani Classical Music and dance. Today she takes SD Burman's music to the next generation with her delightful choreography of Chanda Mama Mere Dwaar Aaana

Our Anchors

Sajid Hussien Sakhawat

Our main anchor for the evening is Sajid. He works for All India Radio as presenter for the popular 'Aaj Subah' program. He also is associated with Red FM and other programs. Blessed with a rich baritone and an expressive voice, Sajid is has found expression through various streams. He is a radio play artist, dabbles in theatre and is a popular voice-over artist. The voice over for our two audio visual presentations of this evening have also been done by Sajid.

K. C. Khurana

For those who have heard Shri Khurana know the old world charm of his being the Master of Ceremonies. Having covered the length 'n breadth of the globe number of times Khurana has seen it all. He has been with Raj Kapoor during ' Basant - da - Mela ' which he used to hold in Bombay. He has been a compere for Rafi, Talat, Kishore and Hemant Kumar and carries on till date with Manna Dey Sahab. Inspite of his elder demeanour Khurana Sahab holds the audience in splits.

Program Schedule

Inauguration Welcome Speech by Sangeeta Saxena (Media and Edit Solutions)

Lamp Lighting Ceremony

Biographical Sketch of SD Burman in Audio Visual

Musical Evening based on Navras by Indraneel Mukherjee and the Music Maestros troupe

Dance by Arundhati Prasad

Break for Tea

Release of Souvenir on SD Burman

Musical Evening continues with

a special section on the SD Burman-Neeraj Partnership)

Audio Visual Presentation on SD Burman's contribution to Indian Cinema

Dance by Chaitali Haldar

Vote of Thanks by Ritu Chandra ( www.SDBurman.Net)

Grand Finale